No Money for a Vacation, You Can Still Have Fun at Home

You have spent all of the year working hard at your job and now it is time for you to get your vacation. You have heard people at your job talking about where they will be going this year, but for some pretty good reasons you cannot go on a vacation.

Perhaps it is because of being tight on funds, or family commitments that force you to stay in town Whatever the reason, you cannot travel this summer. At first your thoughts might be that this is going to be a boring time with nothing fun to do, but there are things that you can do that are lots of fun, and will keep you as entertained as any trip to a vacation hotspot.

Do some Online Gambling

You would be surprised at how many people spend time gambling online. It is so easy. to do it these days With a cell phone and an internet connection you can play anywhere, and sites like Casino Winner and Loyal Casino offer all of the top casino games 24/7. You can pick from craps, roulette, slots, all the top varieties of poker, and even Bingo, and play the amounts of money you feel comfortable with each time.

If you are a novice. you can go slow, and ramp up your playing once you get the hang of things. Sites like Casino Winner and Loyal Casino make it easy, and provide you with a secure and fun experience. Once you start you will be surprised where the time went, and you will become a regular player like tens of millions of others.

Throw a Party

You can bet that not everyone you know has gone away for the summer, and those others are probably looking for things to do just like you. How about putting the word out that you are throwing a party for those left in town. It does not have to be some big affair. You can throw a party on a budget with some drinks, light snacks that you can whip up yourself, and good music. Let everyone know that it is pot luck, so people will bring real food, and there you have it, a great time, while staying at home, and without spending lots of money.

Start a Youtube Channel

Do you have a subject that you are passionate about and want to share it with everyone?  Youtube is the ideal place. You can start your own channel, create videos on you cellphone and then upload them for everyone to view. All for free. In the beginning you might not get many viewers, but you can tell your friends that you have started the channel and ask them to tell their friends too. You might just become a Youtube star and make thousands from your videos and all because you stayed home this summer.