Delicious Wedding Food Ideas Fit for a Perfect Couple

Food is a central part of your wedding day when it’s done right then, you’ll know about it. But, when it’s done wrong, you’ll be left with a huge bill and lots of rotten food left! You want people to have full stomachs and empty plates, and when you know what to serve at your wedding reception and after party, everyone will have the best time. Since the season of weddings is approaching, our JJ’s House designer, Jessica, has decided to put together a list of her top wedding food ideas that are just perfect for a young and adventurous couple. They are all delicious, and some are a little out there too so you may get some lovely compliments from your guests.

  • Wedding-themed donuts – I’ve seen this before, and it’s always a nice treat! Treat your guests to an afternoon of sweets including yummy donuts. There have been couples who have decided to have them iced with wedding pictures or just the same theme color as their bridesmaids, it’s always fun to have something a little different. You could also have a donut wall where people choose from it. If you’re feeling even more adventurous or you have multiple color themes, you could even have all different colored donuts!
  • Popcorn bar – You could choose to have a popcorn station where one of the catering company stands and hands out boxes of popcorn to your guests or simply have them all out for people to take a handful. There are so many possibilities with popcorn. Then there’s also the flavor choice too, with everything from chocolate covered to salty – you’ll have to make sure there is something for everyone’s taste. 
  • Pizza factory – Although pizza may not initially spring to your mind when you think of wedding food, it’s actually fun to watch all your loved ones and guests choose their perfect pizza and watch it cook in front of their eyes. Perhaps you could select a caterer that does this or a fancy food truck that would be happy to have a pizza factory for your guests to enjoy. This is more of a novelty though, I definitely wouldn’t say this is an alternative to having your guests sit down and eat a wedding meal. 
  • Sushi – For those who are more unconventional, you could make the most out of the rise in popularity of Asian food such as sushi. It’s a yummy and healthy snack that your guests have a munch on before the real food is served, it’s also not messy either so you can still sit in your beautiful bridal gown and not worry about spilling Californian roll on your special dress.
  • Ice Cream parlor – Especially ideal for summer or warmer weddings, who doesn’t love ice cream when the hot sun is beaming down? Hire out an ice cream truck to stop at your wedding for an hour or two and have your guests choose their favorite flavor. With everything from mint-choc-chip to creamy vanilla. Your wedding won’t be forgotten anytime soon. You might want to offer people a tub rather than a cone though as if it’s hit, it will melt quickly, and no one wants to ruin their lovely dresses.