How Candice Horbacz Dedicated Her Life To Food


Candice Horbacz and her husband Eric Horbacz live in a small town in North Carolina in a house which Eric built himself. Both of them are very creative and over the last decade Candice Horbacz has taken the world by storm with her YouTube cooking channel. This all began around 20 years ago when the pair took some time out to travel around Europe, it was during her time in Italy that Candice Horbacz really fell in love with food and seeing the Italian families and the way that they prepared even the simplest of meals, was what inspired her to train as a chef and commit her life to cooking. Candice is quite the voice for average families online, and here is how she promotes her cooking and her lifestyle.


Candice Horbacz started playing about with videos on YouTube back in 2010 after her son mentioned that people might be interested in what she had to say. Candice confesses that her first couple of videos didn’t get much traction at all, and she almost gave up on the idea. Then in January of 2011, a food influencer happen to see one of her videos and shared it, the rest as they say is history. Now Candice counts on over 500,000 subscribers and she has inspired a great many people to get in the kitchen and rustle up some simple and beautiful food.


It is this simplicity which is why Candice Horbacz has become so popular, with so many viewers becoming disillusioned with TV chefs who use equipment and ingredients which the average person simply doesn’t have or are too expensive to get hold of. What Candice does it to aim her cooking at these families and her videos help them to put together delicious meals with easy to find ingredients and without too much technical know-how.


Candice and Eric Horbacz love to cook as well as travel and this is something which Candice has introduced into her online profile, often posting vides where she is cooking abroad, with foreign ingredients. What this has enabled Candice to do is reach a much wider audience of people who like cooking, travel and/or both. Candice has created a profile online which people can instantly connect with, she keeps it simple in terms of just posting about travel and food, and she has made her recipes and cooking tips accessible and easy to follow.


To further solidify what she is doing, Candice has also made some strong partnerships across the internet with food producers, fellow chefs and foodies, which has helped her to gain a wider reach. These partnerships mean that she is gaining followers from other successful people online and adding more value for her own followers to enjoy.

Candice’s page will continue to go from strength to strength in the coming years and the next time we speak with her she will no doubt have even more subscribers.