Guide To Shipping A Trailer

Whether you have purchased a trailer out of state and would like it to be transported back to you, or have an older trailer that is not road-worthy and would like to send it to a specialist shop or if you are moving and need to ship your trailer to your new home, there are some things that you need to know about transporting the trailer.  Shipping a camper or a trailer is not as hard as you may think.  There are many situations where shipping is easier and cheaper than moving the trailer yourself.

There are two ways available on how to transport your trailer.  It can be pulled or load onto another trailer.  The pulling method is the best option because it is cost-effective and quicker.  However, if you have an expensive vintage trailer or a damaged trailer, a better option is to have it loaded onto a step-deck or similar trailer and hauled as freight.

Once you have decided on shipping a trailer,  the next step is to find a transport company. Transporting a trailer is a bit more complicated than towing a car and it is usually considered a specialized service.  Remember to look for a carrier who has the experience and ability to transport them. There are many transport companies offering trailer transport services but looking for a trusted and reliable one is not always a straightforward task.  With so many companies to choose from, oftentimes, this can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

This is where an online shipping platform like Shiply can help can connect you with a list of rated trailer transport services.  Just fill up an online form and you will begin receiving personalized quotes sent to your mailbox.  This gives you a one-stop place to compare quotes and find the right transport company that suits your requirements.

Once you have found a company and scheduled pick up, the next step is to prepare the trailer.  Below are some guidelines on what to do:-

  1. Get ready the documents if you are selling your trailer.  Having all the relevant documents ready will save you time. 
  2. Cleaning your trailer before pick up and take note anything down before delivery such as pre-existing damages.
  3. Removing any personal items that you do not want to be lost or damaged during the move and store them safely
  4. Secure everything inside your trailer such as loose electrical items, windows, latches and more.  Do make sure that the fluid levels are ok.
  5. Perform a quick check to make sure that the trailer is in running condition prior to pick up.
  6. Shut off any electronics and disconnect the gas and power supply. You may need to refill the anti-freeze in the tank if you are transporting the trailer in winter.
  7. Make sure the tires are in good roadworthy condition and that the brake lights work.

By making sure that your trailer is in good working condition will not jeopardize the safety of the transporter and also prevent any unnecessary breakdowns that may delay the moving process.