How to Merge Nursing and Mothering

The feeling of guilt every time you leave your kids at home breaks your heart. Juggling your nursing career and being a mom takes a lot of skill and hard work. As is said more times than not, it is quite the balancing act. As much as we wanted to stay home and take care of them full time, we all have ends to meet. Here are some of the tips you can consider, to make merging being a nurse and a mother work.

Train your Kids to be Independent

Start to train your kids to be independent at a very young age. This will not only benefit you but will also benefit them in the future. Start giving them small tasks such as fixing their beds and folding their clothes. There should always be a division of labor for household chores. Make sure they know how to read before they enter school, so they can do their homework and study tests first on their own before coming to you later.

Make it a habit and set up a routine. Let them discover their own potential and their individual learning styles. You can still attend to them once in a while to ask questions after they have read their modules and books. It’s all about starting them young and giving them small tasks. Then, increase the level of difficulty as they grow.

Prep Early

Working as a nurse is exhausting and taking care of your family on top of that is hard, too. If you are pursuing further education as a nurse, this can be a strain. Prepare some snacks and food as early in the day as possible. Always have ready some healthy foods in the fridge for them if they ever need extra. Try to do the bulk of chores when you’re at home and the kids are in school, depending on your shift.

If you are balancing continuing education, check out organizations such as Bradley University Online that offer accredited nursing degrees through virtual classrooms. This is a great way to be able to take classes on your schedule or while your kids are asleep.

Make Time for Each Child

It is important to see to it that you bond with each child you have. Regularly check on them when you have time between shifts and days off. Make individual dates, take them out, watch movies, get involved with their interests. Search for a nursing school that has a beneficial schedule for your family if you are looking into further education. Home health nursing is also an option because the schedule is family-friendly. Bradley University offers a variety of nursing courses with flexible time schedules to further your nursing career as our children grow up.

It is not always easy to balance nursing career and being a mom. After all, being a mom is still your top priority. Let your child understand why you have to work for a living, and help them help you in small ways. Just focus on a plan, establish a routine, get organized with your family and career needs, and find the right balance.