Sports Betting: Wagering on English Football Matches

Are you new to sports betting? If so, are you considering placing bets on English football, or soccer, matches? Do you religiously study the teams participating in the different football leagues like the FA Cup? Should you examine the English football teams to place successful wagers? How do you decide which bet to place and which online sports betting company to sign up with?

At this juncture, it is essential to note that you might be reading this article and be an old hand at placing successful bets. Your expertise, skill, and knowledge in the art and science of placing bets are relevant; but it is always a good idea to reconsider the basics of prosperous sports betting.

Consequently, there are several valid questions mentioned above that deserve a considered response. Therefore, by way of providing an answer to these questions, let’s look at the quintessential basics of placing successful wagers on English football matches.

Choose a legitimate online bookmaker

This is the starting point of a prosperous sports betting career. It is the first imperative of a few imperatives to ensure that you choose a bona fide online bookmaker offered by a sports betting review company like; otherwise, you run the risk of the following events happening:

  • The loss of your initial deposit. Part of opening a betting account requires you to pay an initial sum of money into an account the bookmaker would have created for you. The deposit amount differs between sports betting companies and ranges from £10 to £100 (GBP).
  • Not only do you run the risk of incurring a substantial financial loss, but you also risk having your personal information stolen and used for nefarious purposes.

Learn to speak the jargon

As a newcomer to the world of sports betting, it’s vital to learn to understand the lingo used. A typical example is the term “bankroll.” What is a bankroll? Is it the money that the bank or bookmaker is prepared to advance you to continue placing wagers?

The answer to this possibly ridiculous question is that the term “bankroll” translates into the amount of money you have in your betting account. Therefore, when experts speak of managing your bankroll, they really mean that you should manage your available betting funds.

Understand the how odds are calculated

Succinctly stated, betting odds translate into the likelihood that the event like a specific team winning a football match will occur. Bookmakers and sports betting companies use betting odds to calculate what your winnings will be should you choose to place a bet based on the quoted odds.
Odds are calculated using probabilities. Essentially, using probabilities will allow you to predict the outcome of the match. And, you will win the bet should you make the correct choice.

Let’s assume that there is a football match taking place in a couple of days between Manchester United and Manchester City. The odds are 1/1. In other words, there is a fifty percent chance of either team winning the match. As highlighted above, odds are also used to calculate your winnings should you choose the winning team. Therefore, with the odds of 1/1, you will win £1 for every GBP you use to place the bet.

Final thoughts

It is reasonably clear from the discussion above that placing successful wagers is not a lucky accident. You need to understand the mathematics behind the calculation of odds and how to manage your bankroll to ensure you don’t run out of money.