Sports Betting: Online versus Brick-and-Mortar


“Think of horse races. People like to bet on the one with three legs and a wheeze. They don’t bet on that one because they think it will win, but because they can see how very glorious it would be if it were to win” – Natasha Pulley, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street

Are you a beginner at the art and science of sports betting? If so, have you chosen a bookmaker or sports betting company that you are comfortable opening an account with and depositing funds into a gambling account?

At the outset of this article, it’s vital to be cognisant of the fact that placing successful bets is not just guesswork. In fact, this quotation highlighted above by Natasha Pulley demonstrates how not to go about placing a wager.

If you bet on an event just because you like the look of one of the participants, you are virtually guaranteed to lose. And, if you continue to lose over time, it could end up being a costly exercise. Worst case scenario, you could lose your assets like your home and motor vehicle.

Thus, it is vital to do the necessary research before placing bets to ensure successful betting.

Online versus brick-and-mortar bookmakers

One of the first tasks, if not the first requirement, is to look for a suitable bookmaker or sports betting company that suits your unique requirements. Part of this research can be conducted by studying a site like to find the sports betting company that will suit your needs.

As part of this exercise, let’s consider the advantages of choosing an online sports betting company versus a telephone service or brick-and-mortar organisation.

However, before we continue, it is essential to have an understanding of online gambling.

A succinct definition of online gambling

According to, online gambling, or Internet gaming, is any form of gambling like sports betting, poker, and other casino games, that occurs via the Internet.

The differences between online, telephone, and brick-and-mortar sports betting

The raison d’etre behind the concept of online gaming is that gamblers can access their gambling account from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day or night.

A brick-and-mortar bookmaker is situated at a specific physical location and will only be open during specific hours of the day. Thus, not only is it possible to place bets at any time during the twenty hours, but gamblers have to travel to the bookmaker’s offices before placing one or more bets.

Finally, using a telephone betting service allows for the option of placing a bet without having to get to a physical location. However, there are several shortcomings, such as the inability to get through to the bookmaker. And, the hours that the bookmaker is open will be limited.

Some bookmakers offer text betting options as well as an automated telephone service utilising technology to extract the wagers from the text or telephone message. However, the messages will have a specific structure in order to be read correctly by the automated service.

Final thoughts

Thus, based on the information mentioned above, the best option is still the online sports betting platform. You have full control of your account and placing wagers without having to involve a third-party to capture your bet correctly.