Four Benefits of Good Product Label Design

If you are just starting out with making your own product, you may be considering rushing through the design of the label so as to get the product on the store shelves as quickly as possible. However, this may not be the best of ideas and you may be better off taking the time to design your product well. Keep on reading to learn four benefits of good product label design.

Customer Attraction

There are many ingenious products that various manufacturers put on store shelves which never get picked up by customers. More often than not, this is because the product has no label, or the label used on the product is dull and unattractive. A well-designed label makes a product register in the eyes of a potential buyer, calling her to pick it off the shelves and take a look. It is not a coincidence that makers of candy and other treats use labels that call to the eyes of children who are attracted by bright colors and will most likely ask their parents to purchase the most colorful of the lot, even if they have no real idea what the candy inside tastes like.

Legal & Educational Compliance

When you put a product up for sale, it is necessary that the product is in compliance with the rules and regulations guiding the sale of such products. One of those regulations is that proper labels must be affixed to products when being sold. For instance, when selling an edible product, it is mandatory to attach food labels that clearly explain the nutritional value of the item, the ingredients used to produce it, and the amount to be consumed in a single serving. If, conversely, your product was a certain type of glue, your label would need to clearly show what type of glue it is, how it differs from other types, and who would need to use it. Therefore a well-designed label complies with the law and educates buyers on the need to purchase the product.

Brand Recognition

There aren’t many completely unique products being sold in the consumer market. Most products have multiple variants, sold by different brands. When a customer walks into a store, it is most likely that of the many different options, he will pick the item with the most recognizable label. A well-designed label is memorable and, when paired with a good product, registers in the customer’s brain as being preferable to other products made by other brands, making it more likely that the product will be the one to be selected.

Overall Product Aesthetic

A well-designed product label adds to the overall beauty of the product design. Labels can be made to follow the exact shape of the product, and can also blend in perfectly with the rest of the packaging for the item. This makes your product even more attractive and can act as a crown for all the effort that has gone into making the product.

A well-designed label can be exactly what a product needs in order to be a shelf-store hit. No matter what type of label you use for your product, even if it is a homemade label done with a sticker maker, ensure that you take the time to design it as elegantly as possible.