How Do You Earn a Michelin Star?

Earning a Michelin Star is every restaurant owner’s dream. These stars of excellence are handed out to restaurants that have been deemed the best of the best. If your establishment gets a Michelin Star, it will appear in the Red Guide, which is a reference book for hotels and restaurants compiled by Michelin (yes, the French tire company).

So how does one earn a star?

The exact process of earning a star is not known since the methods used to review these establishments are kept secret and known only to the reviewers. But people have figured out a few things and shared them so that other restaurant owners can try to get their restaurants reviewed and appear in this publication.

Choose a Michelin Approved City

First of all, you need to open a restaurant in a city that Michelin inspectors are located. These great food cities include New York City, Chicago, San Francisco and Bay Area and Washington, DC. Las Vegas and Los Angeles have been suspended, so those areas are not an option if you plan on getting a Michelin Star.

Gain Popularity

Opening a restaurant in an approved city is just half the battle to getting a reviewer to come pay you a visit. Your restaurant also needs to be popular enough to get their attention. To put restaurants on their “to review” list, Michelin inspectors search online for restaurants that are getting rave reviews and being featured on popular websites and blogs. So all you need to do is make sure that people are talking about your restaurant and saying nice things.

Always Be Prepared

Now, it is very important to keep in mind that the inspectors sent by Michelin will not announce their presence or warn you in advance that they are coming to review your restaurant. The company has gone to great lengths to make sure their inspectors remain anonymous. They will walk in and pay for their own meal (technically Michelin are the ones paying for this meal) just like any customer would and you won’t suspect a thing.

Provide Great and Professional Service at all Times

Coming off from the last point, since the reviewers are anonymous, your services must be exceptional at all times. Prepare the best food, give customers great service and make sure the ambiance is perfect. Make sure that your chefs are professional and wearing the appropriate apparel that chefs wear to show that they run a professional kitchen.

When the inspector likes what they see (and taste) at your restaurant, the chances are high that your restaurant might appear in the next publication of the Red Guide with a Michelin Star.