5 Exotic Foods To Try Before You Die 

Food is amazing, no one can deny. So much time, effort and resources are put into expanding and enjoying the world of culinary creations. Most people and countries have their own common foods and for people, their diet tends to consists of the same 10-15 meals in rotation. For the more adventurous eaters, unusual and uncommon meals are a must. However, going beyond that, there are a number of truly wonderful meals that are quite unheard of but amazing in their own right. For a truly rounded food experience, here are 5 exotic foods everyone should try once.

1. Fugu: this list is about foods to try before you die, but the first item of the list can actually make you die. Fugu (commonly known as the Japanese blow fish) is a delicacy of fish known for its rich and delicate taste as well a risk factor attached to eating it. The intestines, ovaries, and liver of the fish contain a deadly poison and the fish is prepared for consumption by cutting around the fish and removing those parts safely. It is served in the finest restaurants in Japan and is said to be worth the risk by many who try it. A word of caution, though. The fish should only be consumed after being prepared by a trained chef who is licensed to prepare Fugu. It shouldn’t be prepared by one’s self at home.

2. Frog Legs: 
frog legs being cooked and served in France is a popular TV and movie trope, but it holds true. Many people feel disgusted at the thought of eating a part of a frog, but many who have tried to dish liken it to chicken in taste. Beyond France, many parts of Asia serve frogs with their meals. It’s a very unusual dish but from all indications, is delicious and should be tried at least once.

3. Chapra: what is Chapra?  Well, it’s an Indian delicacy that’s made of dried red ants. Sounds odd? It’s a popular local delicacy in Chhattisgarh and is served with a great number of local dishes. It’s completely safe to eat and said to be absolutely delicious either as a snack or as an accompaniment to a larger meal such as rice. When prepared, Chapra looks nothing like what’s it’s made from and during a visit to the area, it’s entirely possible to ear Chapra without even knowing what it’s comprised of.

4. Caviar: one of the most recognizable-by-name foods in the world, caviar is associated with the upper class and elite. And for good reason: an ounce of the delicacy costs around $50, with the nose exclusive brands costing Way more. The salt-cured fish eggs are enjoyed worldwide and are known for their salty taste that takes a while to get used to. Everyone should try caviar at least once, at least to satisfy their curiosity  (and for the bragging rights).

5. Eel: when many think of eel, they think of electric eels. However, eels are actually a popular delicacy served across Asia and according to enthusiasts, is a very rich and delicious meal. Often served with soups, eel is not one of the more popular fishes for food, but should definitely be tried. It’s said that weeks are best enjoyed grilled. It has only one bone in its entire body, so preparation is generally very easy.

Food is meant to be explored in all its glory. Rather than play it safe, a true food lover (and everyone) should constantly be on the lookout for new and exciting foods to try. With the five options listed above,  you’re well on your way.