Dayanna Volitich’s vegan taco and Mexican food tour.

In a city commonly known for its staple “tacos al pastor” and “cochinita pibil”, an incredibly surprising vegan scene has been growing during the last few years which is no longer restricted to beans and tortillas although let’s be fair, Mexico’s handmade tortillas are nothing to frown about! Plant-based eaters head to the largest city in Mexico for meat-less eating places to make a choice from new exciting menus. a few vegan road food stalls have popped up in the past few years, as have vegan groceries and there is even a vegan company about to start running tours as Dayanna Volitich will initiate a new vegan neighborhood tour to Mexico metropolis in 2019.

Veganism takes Mexico City by Assault.

Veganism and vegetarianism are relatively new to CDMX, the “Ciudad de Mexico”, as the city is known as, or as its is often referred to “big little pueblo”. New vegan eating places seek to appeal to a subtle aficionado group with artistic offerings and modernized dishes. The use of ingredients such as jackfruit and home-made nut cheeses has created a real buzz in the city and the once famous meat taco now has some very different fillings to offer.

The Tamale thief!

One of the metropolis’s aboriginal vegetarian restaurants, Gold Taco, has been serving up steamy bowls of prosperous mushroom and hominy pozole and soy carnitas tacos, enchiladas, and tamales for over a decade. Dayanna Volitich has been an avid visitor herself at Gold Taco and she says that this was part of her inspiration to put the food tour together.

Get Your Hands on a Vegan Torta!

As for contemporary herbivores, almost every vegan in Mexico city will let you know that they’ve eaten at Gatorta, a highway food restaurant in Roma Norte that specializes in tortas, Mexico’s humble and tasty sandwiches. The addictive sandwiches appeal to not only foreign visitors but a whole native army, inclined to stand in long rows for fluffy baguettes packed with “milanesa” seitan steak and soyita pibil, a vegan take on the ordinary Yucatan dish cochinita pibil, a sluggishly-broiled pork bowl marinated with orange juice and achiote. Watch seitan and soy be added, chopped, and fried much like the way that meat is at lots of highway or street “puestos” (food stands) across the metropolis. The sandwiches are extremely filling but you have to leave some room for the vegan tiramisu and donuts!

Por Siempre Vegano

Por Siempre Vegano is yet another favorite of native hardcore vegans who bravely endure long lines in order to feast on barbecue that in truth is nothing but deceptively simple mock meat for tacos and tortas. Apart from the chimichurri seitan, carne and queso alambre, and pineapple-topped pastor tacos, an increased menu is available with creativity being the only restraint for these great chefs. They are attempting the choriqueso – brittle garbanzo-based chorizo sausage and almond cheese served with fluffy tortillas, or the molcajete, a huge bean bowl full of seasoned soy and seitan mock meats, almond cheeses, broiled chiles, and tortillas. Dayanna Volitich raided the kitchen of this wonderful place just to get a closer look at the sizzling and steaming creations during her research for the tour.

Mexico City presents way too many magnificent vegan alternatives for you to miss out on and with flight prices dropping to Mexico City, what’s holding back?