German Cuisine Debunked: 5 Must-Try Foods in Berlin

Europe is the continent where fine dining began and many countries throughout the continent have reputations for having fantastic cuisine. Of course, there are some standout countries including France, Italy, Spain and there are other countries that have very interesting and tasty cuisine but not that popular, like Germany.


Although Germany is not famous for high-end dishes, it is a country with very iconic dishes including pretzels and schnitzel and of course many varieties of the best beer served in giant steins. But there is so much more to German cuisine and some of the country’s best dishes are comparable to any other great food country. To experience the best of German cuisine consider taking a food tour in Berlin and experience the variety of tastes this city has to offer. Here are some of the top German dishes to try if you are in the country’s capital, Berlin.


Germany is also famous for worsts which are a type of sausage that contains a variety of ingredients offering a plethora of tastes. When you are in Berlin the preferred type of wurst is Bockwurst This hearty sausage comes in many versions and can be made with turkey, pork, lamb, chicken, and veal or a combination of these meats. Locating Bockwurst is easy in the city because most biergartens and currywurst stands have it on offer.

Pork Knuckle (Eisbein)

Like French cuisine, a good portion of German dishes utilizes pork as the main meat ingredient. The German favorite is the pork knuckle which appears in dishes that are famous in all parts of the country. In Germany’s capital city Berlin, the Eisbein or ice leg. Preparation of the dish includes steaming or boiling the pork knuckle until it is bright pink which usually means several hours and then serving it in sauerkraut and a side of pea puree and white potatoes. Such a nourishing meal!


For a German home-cooked type hearty meal you have to try Käsespätzle. The dish is a type of macaroni dish that always seems to make it into a country’s cuisine. It is made with egg noodles, one or more types of cheese. It is baked for about 30 minutes and then topped with deep fried onions and the result is tastier that anyone has the right to expect.  Käsespätzle is often served as a side dish for schnitzel or Eisbein.


Every spring it is a tradition in Berlin for Germans to indulge in White asparagus soup. In every eatery you will likely find diners who are enjoying a large bowl of the soup and enjoying every spoonful. Some say it is popular because it is so healthy and others say it is because it has an authentic German taste that reminds everyone of growing up and having their mothers serve the dish to them. Spargelsuppe is nearly the national German.  


We cannot mention Berliners favorite food without mentioning Berliners which means donuts. But not just any donut, it is the jelly-filled variety also called Pfannkuchen, except that Pfannkuchen means pancake everywhere else in Germany. If all of this has you confused here is what you need to remember, when in Berlin if you want a delicious jelly-filled donut ask for a Pfannkuchen and you will be pleased when it arrives. It is delicious and absolutely German.

Berlin offers the biggest offerings of German tastes for you to sample. Wether it is your first time or you have visited Germany many times and wish to explore their rich culinary culture even deeper, consider a food tour and try each of the dishes offered here and of course finish your meal with a Berliner.