Cooking Techniques: How to Grill a Steak to Perfection Every Time

Steak: it’s a food that we commonly eat from day to day and lots of people love it. Many of us sit down to a lovely steak for dinner with the family so that we can enjoy a tasty meal together.

Grilling a steak takes time, perfection, and the right cooking techniques. You want to be tender, juicy, and have the right texture. We’re here to tell you how to grill a steak so that you can enjoy this delicious food and all of the flavor that it has to offer.

Want to know more? Read on for your tips for grilling a steak.

Types of Steak You Can Grill

There are three main types of steak that are great for grilling. These include rib eye, top loin, and tenderloin steaks. Whatever one you choose is down to personal taste.

When you grill a steak you want to ensure with the fat’s marbled, whatever cut you choose. How thick the steak is important here too. For thicker steaks, it will take a longer time to cook.

Thick steaks are generally between one and one and a half inches in depth. They can be a great choice, like the ones we’ve mentioned.

You can also grill cheaper steaks such as hangers or skirts. The issue is that they’re more difficult to grill since they’re not as thick.

Charcoal and Gas Grills

Most people prefer charcoal grills for outdoor grilling. This is because of the charred flavor that they give. When cooking with a gas grill, you’ll want to watch how much lighter fluid you use as they can add chemicals to your steak that are harmful. One of these is kerosene.

But if you prefer using a gas grill, it’s still a great option. They allow for more control over the cooking steak temperature. So whether you’re a beginner or epic-griller, you’ll do just fine with a gas grill too.

How to Grill Steak Perfectly

When grilling a steak, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 1 to 1 1/2 inches thick steak
  • 3/4 teaspoon of sea salt
  • 2 tablespoons of oil such as olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of black pepper

You spice it up with a little cayenne pepper, rub in some herbs, or change your seasoning to Himalayan sea salt.

Preparing Your Steak

If you take your steak right from the fridge, it’ll take longer to grill. The inside might stay raw while the outside will remain charred. Another issue is that the meat can remain gray inside and dry out.

None of these will give you the tasty steak that you’re after. Rather, remove your steak 30 from the refrigerator around 30 minutes before grilling. This will allow it to come to the right temperature needed.

Slap your steak on a plate before grilling. Add your seasoning and rubs and leave for around another 30 minutes before cooking. This enables seasonings to seep into the steak. Now, you’ll have the perfect steak ready for grilling.

Getting the Grill Ready

During the preparation stage, you’ll want to ensure your grill is clean. If you’re using a gas grill, heat it to between 450 and 500 Fahrenheit (F).

A charcoal grill is also known as a two-zone fire. Here, you have two sides to grilling. One is for searing your meat while the other is for cooking thoroughly.

First, light your coals, putting them on one side of the grill. When added, replace the top rack and grill your steak for about 15 minutes. Leave the lid open to keep moisture from collecting.

Grilling Your Steak

Whenever your grill is at the right temperature, lift the top and add in your steaks. Put them on the hot side where the coals are. 

When one side is cooked, turn your steak and cook on the other side. Grill for the same amount of time on each until it’s ready.

Move them onto the other side if there are any flames.

Make Sure Your Steak Is Properly Cooked

Using a thermometer, check to make sure your steak is cooked. Here are the following heats your steak should be cooked at, depending on the rareness:

  • Rare: 120 to 130F
  • Medium-rare: 130 to 135F
  • Medium: 135 to 145F
  • Medium to well-done: 145 to 155F
  • Well done: 155 to 160F

Take your steak off the grill just before it reaches the right temperature. It will cook a little more once it’s off.

Leave It to Settle

Place your steak on a chopping board and get ready to start cutting. Rest it on foil. But leave for another 5 to 10 minutes before you start to chop.

The steak will start to juice and then you know it’s almost ready.

Chop Your Steak and Tuck In

Then, your steak is ready. Now you can cut your steak and get prepared to start digging in.

It’s time to start eating your meal with your family or friends. Enjoy!

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Grilling your steak the right way takes time, patience, and skill. Now you know how to grill steak, you’ll be able to get ready to sit down to this food that many of us can’t wait for. It’s delightful!

To cook your steak to perfection, you want to follow the steps we’ve outlined here. Then, you can make sure you don’t go wrong, your steak’s cooked through properly, and it’s the right tenderness to enjoy.

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