How to Select the Right Holiday Party Venue

Businesses often host parties during the holidays to show appreciation for all the hard work employees put in during the year. The event is also a time to relax while getting to know co-workers better outside of the office. With the holiday season just days away, however, companies wanting to find a venue for a party should act quickly to ensure they can still find the perfect holiday venue and location. Below are some tips for how to go about that.

Location is Everything

Choosing the ideal location for a holiday party can be challenging. While it’s not really a getaway if held too close to work, selecting a location too far away can have a negative impact on attendance. Convenience and accessibility are two major factors to consider when deciding the geographic location to hold the party. If the party planner knows that several employees rely on public transportation, opting to have the party in an area with plenty of options for coming and going is a thoughtful gesture.

Seating Capacity

Before putting down a deposit on a holiday party venue, the organizer should make sure that it’s spacious enough to accommodate everyone expected to attend. Even if the venue can technically fit the right number of people, it’s important that they can move through it freely and remain comfortable throughout the day or evening. Event planners should also consider if they need extra room for a band, comedy act, or anyone else they invited to be part of the occasion.

Be Certain to Understand the Rental Contract

No one wants to be in for an unpleasant surprise once they have made a non-refundable deposit on a holiday party venue. The best way to avoid this is for the event organizer to read the contract in full and make sure that he or she understands what the venue offers for the price paid. For example, are meals included? Will the venue provide its own entertainment? Do guests need to be out of the facility by a certain time? Having clear expectations going into the event helps to avoid frustrating misunderstandings later.

Consider the Reason for Hosting a Holiday Party

Some companies throw a holiday party simply because it’s expected and it’s the time of year for one. Management and event organizers don’t think much beyond that as to the purpose of hosting the event.

However, thinking about the reason the company decided to host the party in the first place ensures that it matches its goals and values. Will the event strictly be a party, or will it be a chance to hand out employee recognition awards and discuss plans for the upcoming year? While neither option is wrong, ironing out the purpose in advance is the best way to host a successful holiday event.

Other Considerations

Most companies will need to include several other considerations such as budget, availability, ambiance of the venue, and ideal time to host the event. With so many variables, it might be helpful to write down what each venue offers and then spend time comparing which one offers the best overall value.