7 Gifts that Delight Cocktail Lovers

Purchasing a gift for friends, family or someone special is always a tricky proposition. What if they don’t like it? A gift card is too impersonal and articles like clothing, watches etc. too personal to strike the right balance. But what if you need to buy a gift for someone who loves their cocktails?

Someone has rightly said that people who love food and drinks are often the best people. So why not bring some cheer to their life by gifting them some great cocktail or mocktail accessories?

We have compiled a list of some of the top cocktail accessories that are a surefire hit:

1. Cocktail Shaker Sets

For your friend who loves to sip Cosmopolitan on Friday evenings or your sister who’s partial to Mai Tai, there’s nothing more delightful than a cocktail shaker to spice it up. It is one of the most essential accessories for mixologists. Whether you want a stainless steel cocktail shaker set or something more professional for an aspiring bartender in the family, head to https://bestcocktailshaker.com/ to get the perfect cocktail shaker set. From fancy designer shakers to classic shapes and high-volume shakers, the site has it all.

2. Alcohol infusion kits

This gift is perfect for someone who likes to take things up a notch and experiment. These are the booze version of tea infusers. You can add fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and botanicals to infusion kits and let the ingredients steep for as long as it takes to brew some fine alcohol.  Typically these infusion sets have a stainless-steel infusion basket to hold your blend and you can even purchase some readymade infusion blends for your cocktail connoisseurs.

3. Cocktail smoking cloche

The Smoking Cloche is the amateur mixologist’s best friend. It allows the presenter to mix their cocktails with more flair and add that amazing smoky flavor to their cocktails, drinks or even food. The best part about smoking cloche is that it is very dramatic and creates a veil of mystery at the bar.  Imagine a savory, smoked Bloody Mary or Californication. When not being used, the smoking cloche makes an interesting conversation piece or accessory for your bar.

4. Carafes or decanters

Carafes are affordable for almost any budget range. Search for carafe online and you will find a mind-boggling range of wooden, ceramic and even plastic carafes. Alternatively you can purchase decanters for that wine loving friend. Crystal bottles and decanters are back in trend and they also add a great flair to the spirits served.  What’s more, decanting liquor actually enhances the flavor in some cases. The sheer range of shapes, sizes, materials and price options are endless but go for something that’s subtle and classy at the same time.

5. Carry on Cocktail sets

If the person you are gifting is a frequent flyer, then nothing like a carry-on cocktail kit. These kits have everything you need to make the classic Gin and Tonics, Moscow Mule cocktails etc.  A typical list of ingredients in these cocktail lists includes recipe cards, elixirs, smoked sugar syrup, aromatic bitters, a cocktail napkin, cubes of sugarcane, tonic syrup, jiggers and spoon etc. It is definitely the kind of gift someone would love to open mid-air.

6. Blender

Depending on your budget, the blender might be on the steeper side of things. But what a gift. It is perfect to whip up a treasured daiquiri recipe, caipirinha, pina colada and more. The blender is perhaps one of the most important tools in the bartender’s arsenal.

7. Bar Tool Set

Gift your friend a bar tool set to rack up their favorite tools neatly like a pro. Bar tool sets typically include a jigger, a strainer, bar spoon, balloon weights and a muddler all on a beautiful stand.


So, the next time you are gift shopping, don’t forget to glance through these bar accessories as they might have the perfect gift for your cocktail enthusiast friend.