Is Bingo becoming a trend amongst young people?

The typical image for the bingo going crowd is often older people. But with each passing year the bingo playing crowd seems to get younger and younger, with an average age of mid to late thirties today. It’s becoming more and more common to see younger people in bingo crowds, with the simple and fun game attracting quite the cult following among them – visit Below we answer the reasons as to why it appears bingos popularity is increasing with younger people and what this means for the future of the game.

Online Bingo

Since online bingo first hit the app stores on our mobile phones and tablets, bingos popularity has increased tremendously. Gone were the days of travelling down to the local bingo hall to play a game, instead players could enjoy a game of bingo from the comfort of their own homes. For young people, who have grown up with mobile phones and computers, playing bingo online is preferable to playing it at a bingo hall. They can talk to other players in the chatroom, something they would have no issue with considering they are the generation most adept at texting. Online bingo also offers the opportunity to play games whenever you want, as younger people are opting against the traditional 9-5 lifestyle and instead working at different hours, the ability to play whenever is seen as attractive. Whereas older generations had to go to the bingo hall within a specific time to play a game, today with the touch of a button you can be playing online bingo within a few moments!


Another aspect of bingo that appeals to younger people is the social aspect, gone are the days when bingo was just viewed as elderly people playing in an empty bingo hall, instead the prevalent image of bingo today is of a thriving and friendly community of players. This new image is thanks in part to the rise of online bingo, but it is also due to a push by the bingo industry to make it seem more inclusive for younger players. There has been a greater drive for added entertainment alongside a game of bingo such as music and alcoholic drinks! Online bingo also offers socialising through chatrooms and forums, so no matter if playing in person or online there is always a change to socialise.

A Different Kind of Night Out (Or In!)

Bingo offers a completely different night out for younger people compared to pubs and clubs. While pubs and clubs are great, sometimes you just want something a little more calm. Playing bingo is fast becoming a great alternative to the traditional night out, not only do you still get to have a drink and enjoy yourself with your friends but you also get to play a fun game and possibly win a prize! Bingo is becoming increasingly popular with university students as a result.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s clear that more and more younger people are enjoying bingo with each passing year. This isn’t a bad thing, after all they are the people who will be continuing to play once the current generations stop and they are the generation who will get to see bingo continue to evolve in the future.