Mistakes to avoid when ordering pizza

Pizza consumption is going up by the day. According to Statista, the amount pizza consumers spent was about $14billion in 2020. That was a significant increase of about $3billion from the previous year. Such figures should ring a bell in you that pizza is becoming every household’s favorite. You could be included in these numbers, but are you sure you’re enjoying a great experience? If you’re not enjoying your pizza take-out or delivery, there are a few things you can avoid to better the experience.

Asking for a cut pizza

Why would you want to spend so much on pizza and get it delivered in a form that compromises the quality?

Ordering pizza is supposed to be a hands-off experience where you make your order, pay and wait for your delivery comfortably. But ordering uncut has many advantages that you cannot ignore; you can cut it to pieces that you prefer both in size and shape. Again, you’re likely to be more careful than the teenager who throws it into your box hurriedly. Besides, asking for the pizza uncut ensures that you get it while hot or warm. Cutting it releases heat easily, and therefore you could receive it while cold. You could also be a fan of the crispy type; thus, cutting it a few minutes before eating will retain the crisp crust feel. 

Not giving instructions on how your pizza should be cut

You may want to refrain from receiving an already cut pizza, but sometimes circumstances will force you to do so, especially if you’ve no experience in cutting. You want it double cut. This is a pizza that is cut double the normal slices. This is a route you want to go when you’ve several children to feed. Their small hands can only manage small sizes or when you’re feeding a large number of people. The smaller sizes are also a way of reducing waste. Do not just ask for a cut; ask for a double cut pizza. 

Not reheating your pizza on arrival

You may be wondering, why reheat pizza when it is delivered? But you hope that you open the box to a steaming piece, but the chances are that the delivered pizza is either arm or even cold, depending on the distance from the restaurant. Heating your pizza before you get your hands into it is a perfect way of giving it an upgrade. A reputable pizza restaurant will help you with the procedure on how to go about it to ensure you do the heating perfectly.

Not calculating the right amount you need

If your family is large or you’re feeding a group or a party, it can be so discouraging to realize that you didn’t order the right amount of food and pizza. Pizza is a safe way to feed a crowd; after all, everyone loves pizza. But you’ve to ensure that you’ve ordered enough to avoid the embarrassment when some of your guests miss. The average person eats three medium sizes of pizza, and therefore the 3/8 rule applies.

When ordering your New York Style Pizza, do not jump to conclusions on the type you need. You’ve to do careful calculations on the amount you need. Again, the restaurant you buy from should help you do the cutting and the right amount that will be enough for you.