The Texas Cities with the Most Active Nightlife

Texas is proud to do everything bigger: and what they do biggest might be partying!  The only problem with partying in Texas is figuring out which city offers you the best chance at fun and excitement.

These are the top cities in this incredible state that offer something fun and exciting: and why you should consider making a trip to them the next chance you have!


Ranked number one in the nation by Thrillist and other publications: Houston is the top party city in the country.  Not only can you expect to find far more clubs, bars, and gatherings on the average weekend or weeknight: but you’ll also find far more people excited to go out and party with you. 

This means traveling to H-town; you’ll get to enjoy hanging out with people who know how to have fun and can show you the time of your life.  Just make sure to drink water and rest up after a weekend in town!


Austin’s nightlife gives everyone a chance to feel like they’ve landed in paradise.  The countless types of bars, restaurants, clubs and lounges you’ll find here will ensure you never want to go home.  There’s a reason why the go-to saying is Keep Austin Weird!  From pop-up clubs that only exist for a weekend to awesome experiences nobody will believe you about when you go home, you’ll feel like you’ve partied in a dream for the weekend.  This is a great place for college crowds and younger travelers

El Paso

A far drive from the other fun cities on this list, El Paso has a great mix of big-city small town vibes that ensure it can be a fun destination for everyone.  From the low-key bars to the awesome clubs and dance lounges, you’ll never find cheaper drinks and more fun than in El Paso.  This city understands the need for work-life balance, so cutting loose on the weekends here can be a fantastic way to let loose and get to know the locals.  

From the well-named club ‘Little Bit of Texas’ to the ‘Church Bar’ that lets you spend the earliest hours of your Sundays with a spirit in your glass: El Paso knows how to have fun.  Just make sure to call an Uber to get to your hotel if you drive into town looking for El Paso houses for sale, and don’t try driving after going to one of these clubs! 

San Antonio

San Antonio’s nightlife may be more what you’re looking for if you want a night out that screams cliche Texas vibes.  Not only can you find more cowboy-themed bars here than anywhere else, but you can also enjoy the countless sports-themed bars and other fun gaming night-out attractions.  San Antonio may not be the hardest partying town on this list, but in a state that’s full of excitement, it can be hard to compete! 

Nightlife Matters When Picking Vacations or Moving!

Everyone wants to have a trip that makes an exciting story to tell, so it’s important to pick the right destination!  Consider any of these Texas cities for your next trip.