Top Tips On Building Your Restaurant

If you are about to finally realize your foodie dream and embark on the construction of a new restaurant, this will doubtless be a super exciting time for you. From the very beginning of the restaurant project however, you will need to be dedicated and committed to the project in order to make sure that it is a success. In terms of the build itself, I wanted to share with you some top tips on getting through it, from someone who has been through this process twice before.


The first thing to mention is that this restaurant is more than likely to go over budget, it is just one of those facts of life which we have to deal with. With this in mind I would recommend that you only dedicate 80% of your budget to the project, and hang on to the other 20% for any emergencies. If you are lucky, you may be able to complete having only spent 85-90% of your budget, and have some left over for frills.


There are many aspects of the build which you can do yourself such as form filling for planning, design, shopping or even some of the work if you have the skills. One aspect which I would implore you to pay for and give appropriate attention to is the legal side of the build. We consulted law firm Snow Carpio Weekley prior to building our first branch, to ensure that we were doing everything to protect the workers during the project, and you should too as a single injury could blow all of your budget.


It can be incredibly frustrating watching your restaurant being put together, yet being so far from completion. Because of this it is vital that you learn how to remain patient, and use the time to plan for the completion, rather than being frustrated at the fact that the job is not yet finished.

Stress Management 

Don’t underestimate the stress that a project like this can cause, and the effects that the stress can have on your family and loved ones. There is little that you can do to lower the stress levels of the project, the key is to learn how best to deal with the stress that it causes you. Some like to exercise, others meditate, some like to read and others like to simply be alone, find the best way for you to deal with stress and then make that your go-to place when things get too tough.


Remember that this is your baby, and the details need to be just right, it is therefore your responsibility to make sure that things are going well. If you are not present throughout the project, and then things aren’t right, you cannot blame anyone but yourself, and it may also be too late to change things around. Be present during the work, and keep an eye on those details!